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About AtlantikH

AtlantikH: An exotic and sustainable experience. Where by products become fantastic and luxurious products that harmonize with the beautiful Icelandic nature.

The power of nature AtlantikH uses almost exclusively Salmon, Wolffish and Lambskin Leather.
​Salmon leather is thin, flexible, durable and incredibly strong or about 10times stonger than reguler leather. All the salmon skins used at AtlantikH comes from by product from the food industry.
The lamb skins come from Icelandic farms, where the Icelandic lambs have roamed freely since 874, and are therefore also a by product of the food industry.
We are so privileged that Iceland can supply geothermal and hydroelectric energy for our tanning process and our internal ecosystem is 100% sustainable. We depend on the forces of nature and value it through our production.

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